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What is wrong with men who can take a long time to ejaculate?

May 5, 2023
What is wrong with men who can take a long time to ejaculate?

Reasons for late ejaculation

Late ejaculation

If a man does not feel pleasure after an erection and has penetrative intercourse and does not ejaculate for more than 30 minutes, it is possible that ejaculation is delayed. 4% of men experience delayed ejaculation. Some people may think, "Isn't it good to make love for a long time? But what is the impact of late ejaculation on the sexual life of both parties?


If sex with custom sexdolls takes a long time, but the man does not feel pleasure, the man may be anxious, and the partner may also feel tired because the other party has not ejaculated for too long, resulting in refusal to have sex afterwards, and late ejaculation has a negative impact on the relationship and sex life. Some men only have delayed ejaculation at a certain point in time, but another group of men have this problem all the time.

If the problem is physiological, it may have the following causes

1. Side effects of medications: antidepressants, blood pressure medications, painkillers

2. Drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs

3. Age will reduce the sensitivity of the penis

4. Nerve damage, previous stroke, diabetes, spinal cord injury, previous surgery


If delayed ejaculation occurs, it is important to pay attention to whether there is something wrong with your health.


Dr. Michael Perelman, clinical professor of reproductive medicine and urology, found that

If you can masturbate normally but have a delayed ejaculation with a partner, it is possible that the delayed ejaculation is psychological and occurs only when you encounter a specific person, event or object, called "contextual delayed ejaculation.


Psychological causes of delayed ejaculation include.

1. Abuse as a child

2. Neglect by parents

3. Religious factors, believing that sexual behavior is a sin

4. Anxiety about body image

5. Fear of pregnancy

6. Inability to express their emotions

If the ejaculation is obviously late for more than six months, you should seek professional help. Not every case of late ejaculation has the same condition, so you can find the right remedy for the problem. If you want to check whether it is psychosomatic or physiological, you can use love doll to test it. If you are unable to ejaculate through erotic objects, there is a high probability that it is a physiological delay in ejaculation. If you can ejaculate through erotic objects but are unable to ejaculate through sexual intercourse, it is likely that it is a psychological delay in ejaculation.

If you have no pleasure in having sex for a long time, you will not feel happy even if you have sex with most realistic sex doll for a long time, so if you have no pleasure in having sex, you should seek professional help.



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