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Why choose a standing desk

January 13, 2023

With the advancement of the technology era, more and more industries can complete all the work by adding a computer to the indoor office environment. It seems easy, but in fact, sitting for a long time in the office is particularly harmful, no matter how long it is. Sitting or standing for a long time has a bad physiological impact on the human body. Only working alternately between sitting and standing is the most scientific and healthy way of working. We recommend using the best ergonomic office chair.

adjustable desk with drawers

Studies have shown that sitting for a long time can cause the following health problems




  • Obesity



If you sit for a long time every day, the calorie intake is greater than the calorie consumption, the body fat is easy to accumulate, and the weight will increase. Obesity prevention can be beneficial if an L shaped standing desk is used.



  • Memory decline



Sitting for a long time, blood circulation slows down, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in mental depression, manifested as tiredness, lethargy, and yawning. Using a standing computer desk can improve these symptoms.



  • Lumbar spondylosis



Sitting in a sitting position for a long time, the whole body weight is pressed on the bottom of the spine, and the shoulders and neck are not active for a long time, it is easy to cause stiffness of the cervical spine, and even lead to the deformation of the spine and induce arched back and bone hyperplasia.



  • Loss of appetite



Long-term sitting and lack of systemic exercise will weaken the gastrointestinal motility and reduce the secretion of digestive juices, which will lead to symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion and fullness over time.



  • Gynecological diseases



Sedentary female compatriots are also prone to gynecological diseases Many women get cervical disease not because of poor hygiene habits, but related to sedentary. Sitting for a long time will hinder the generation of immune cells, resulting in decreased resistance, coupled with poor blood circulation, which can easily lead to gynecological diseases such as cervicitis

The benefits of standing up

U.S. study finds standing is more focused while standing for work



  • It can promote the blood circulation of the whole body to be more smooth, so that the whole body can get more oxygen and energy and be more energetic. This is why standing desk is recommended.



  • The energy is more concentrated, it will give you a sense of urgency and the energy will be more concentrated. This type of office requires a sit stand desk.



  • Open up the meridians of the whole body, the energy of the whole body flows naturally, making the body healthier.adjustable height desk make people healthier.








  • The spine is straight, it will not bend the hunchback, keep a good body shape, keep a good body shape, and can also prevent myopia. the small standing desk is more comfortable to use.






  • Let you have more time to rest. I used to sit and go to work. After working for a long time, I was numb. I didn’t know it was time to rest. When you are tired from standing, you will feel it yourself and tell yourself that Taking a break will also improve your efficiency.The standing gaming desk allows for a combination of work and play.



However, standing for a long time will make people prone to foot fatigue, so alternating standing and sitting will make people work more efficiently.

In order to allow urbanites to share a desk both sitting and standing, the rise and fall of the desk will follow.

Here we recommend FEZIBO two cost-effective electric standing desks.

Mid-Century Modern Electric Standing Desk


Modern All-American Style

A rarely found modern All-American style adjustable desk with drawers, with both ample storage and elegant appearance. This user-friendly design with the small middle and large two sides of the 3 under-desk drawers offers ample space without compromising the leg room.

3 Drawers

3 under-desk drawers for easy access to stored items, while giving yourself a clean and tidy work/study desk.

The Whole Board Design

Smooth and seamless, the overall desktop is better and more beautiful than the spliced board.

Full Surround Design

The full surround design provides a sense of composure while hiding the motor and cables from the horizontal view for a more harmonious look and feel.

Quiet Motor

The running sound of the motor is


Up/Down: Steplessly adjustable height

3 Pre-Set Heights: Adjust to the preset height with one press, easy to switch between standing and sitting.

Anti-Collision: Effectively protect your desk and items and reduce collision damage.

Electric Standing Desk with Floating Drawer

Beautiful & Practical

An innovative combination of classic American style and modern technology style. It features a premium textured black walnut grain/carbon fiber grain desktop with warm yellow/green ambient lights respectively, plus the unique design of the "floating" drawers in it, bringing a novel visual experience and that says goodbye to aesthetic fatigue.

Immersive Ambient Light

Carbon Fiber Black & Green Light

This strong stylized light puts more emphasis on the self- expression. Get in the game and show off your personal style!

Black Walnut & Warm Yellow Light

Soft and friendly lighting that blends perfectly into your everyday routine, enjoy your time in a peaceful atmosphere.

The "Floating" Drawer Design

The environment can influence mood. A pleasant and comfortable environment can make people feel better. FEZiBO designer created the "floating" drawer with both practicality and aesthetics through the clever hidden base design, while using the immersive ambient light to create a hi-tech sense and elevates the aesthetics of the table to the next level. We expect to bring the user into a stress-free state, living in a graceful manner through these designs.

Monitor Stand

The solid upper layer can be used to put monitors and some things that exceed the height of the storage cubicle, such as: vases, calendars, photo frames…

Storage Cubicle

This storage space is suitable for storing your glasses, laptops, tablets, keyboards, etc. In addition, there is a cable hole in the middle of the board for cables to pass through.

Two Drawers

Two drawers can be used to store small items that are easy to roll, lose, and anything you want to hide on your desk. Metal material, easy to clean.


Up/Down: Steplessly adjustable height

2 Pre-Set Heights: Adjust to the preset height with one press, easy to switch between standing and sitting.

Ambient Light Key: Click it alternately to turn the light on/off easily.

Anti-Collision: Effectively protect your desk and items and reduce collision damage.



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