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The essential dirt bike gears for a beginner   Did you purchase your first-ever dirt bike? Or are you playing to hire/rent one and hit the uneven trails? In both situations, you need to invest in a set of bike gear that will help you in the ride. As a beginner, it is not a smart call to enroll for a big race. You could join hands with a team that trains people for a beginner's dirt bike ride. Today, multiple online stores sell motocross gear. You need to ...
49s results The most famous betting lottery in the world is UK49s. What is the UK 49s result today primarily coordinated, and are there many fans around the globe?
The Tale of the Last Hummer Not many in the automotive world have had the privilege to see GM's last attempt to save the Hummer brand..the Eco-Hummer.  It was conceived during a time of high gas prices and government demand for auto manufacturers to increase their CAFE ratings.  The public was moving away from large SUV's and trucks, toward smaller more fuel efficient vehicles.  This joint venture between GM and Toyota, whose internal ...
more bodywork pics Stripping the bonnet (hood). Yum Yum.
more bodywork pics The first hit of undercoat.
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