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1926 Daimler Model 45 HP Salon Cabriolet This 1926 Daimler Model 45 HP Salon Cabriolet was special-ordered by Gulab Singh, the Maharajah of Rewa of India. (You can view photos of the car and mascots on my profile.)The car followed the grand tradition established by the British Royal Family, which had been a Daimler customer for years.The car was built by Barker & Co. of London."{It} used panels of German silver (a nickel-brass alloy) hand-formed over an ...
2014 mooneyes christmas party Went to the Mooneeyes Christmas party last weekend. what a blast. Mooneyes puts on a great day.
about me I am a hot rod enthusiast, wanted to build a real hot rod but never had enough money to make it happen, so I unleashed my dreams in the form of diecast.   yes, and now it became my job, a diecast customizer for over than 10 years I undergo this profession   one of my work I'm putting up, forgot how many I already made  
My new novel, "The Little Bastards." I have written and published a novel. It is a coming of age story about a group of boys who grew up blue collar in a small western Oregon town. It is available by going to my website: where you can view the wonderful reviews I have recieved. It also is available on Amazon. com where around a dozen readers have left 5 star reviews. Jim    
Winfield & Watson Car Show We attended the 6th annual Winfield and Watson car show that was sponsored by the Rod Tossers Car Club. Legendary customizer, Gene Winfield has a shop located in the sticks just a few miles north of Rosamond, CA. That’s right, where the dry lakes of Muroc used to be, now used by the Air Force and named Edwards Air Force Base. This corner of the desert has its secrets of metal forming, customizing and paint. In the ...
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