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Two shows in one day. Vintage Aircraft Weekend at Paine Field, Everett WA   Hillside view of a J mode B-25 named "Grumpy" and its Mustang escort.       I slept in this morning and didn't think that I'd get to the two shows I had planned for this Saturday. However, Paine Field is only 15 minutes away, so, I figured, if my son and I leave at noon we could see some of the air show ...
Windshields keep the bees out, go figure!    There have been quite a few hurdles getting my windshields into my car.  I have the rear windshield but some of the stainless trim is bent and I didn't have a front windshield, nor rubber seals.  I was able to locate a used front windshield and old stock rear seal.  I ordered a new front seal and took my stainless to Fenders and Fins (F&F) to straighten out.  However Murphy struck ...
New Door Windows Jim helping me put the door windows in.  He was a great help holding the flash light inside the door   There seems to be a little flu bug going around these days.  I've managed to avoid it so far, but my son has it now.  I'm hoping lots of vitamin C and hand washing will keep it at bay so I can reach my target finish date of July 27th.    I picked up my readjusted ...

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