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New Door Windows Jim helping me put the door windows in.  He was a great help holding the flash light inside the door   There seems to be a little flu bug going around these days.  I've managed to avoid it so far, but my son has it now.  I'm hoping lots of vitamin C and hand washing will keep it at bay so I can reach my target finish date of July 27th.    I picked up my readjusted ...
New Horns   From my Shop Manual      I had installed a new wire harness three years ago and got nearly every thing working except the horns.    There could be a few reasons; the most obvious was the wire from the horn button to the relay.   I have standard (manual) steering with a Ross steering box. (which leaks, by the way).  The horn wire travels inside along ...
Fuel leak repair      Jim has been out for Spring Break this week so I didn't think I'd have time to work on this little fix.  But, he had a couple of friends over for a sleep over last night and as long as I could hear them playing I could work a little in the garage.  They did fall silent for a while and I got curious. So, I looked for them and found them trying to download some Mario games on my computer. ...

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