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1960 Falcon Ranchero - Clone of the Bonneville Racer Super Clean 1960 Falcon Ranchero   Did you see the race car version of this car? When I saw this Ford Falcon Ranchero Race Car at Bonneville, owner Alan Moss said he's got another Ranchero, and it's for sale! Check it out:   1960 Ford Falcon Ranchero: Completely sandblasted inside and out, patch paneled (welded) running a 302 small block Ford with flat top pistons, a mild cam, balanced, a 500 ...
1960 Ford Falcon Project Continues Engine Disassembly Begins for this Ford Straight Six After beginning my 1960 Ford Falcon project, hearing from you all, and thinking about it a bit - I've decided I do want to keep the original straight-six engine. I will quite possibly be hopping it up some as I rebuild it - but I like the idea of keeping the car original and just working with what I've got. As I continue growing in my car knowledge and ...