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Hilarious Penalties for 24 Hours Racing It was my first time to a 24 Hours of LeMons race. As soon as I could see the track, I knew I wanted to do this. How else can you race all day for so little money?  With a set of not-so-serious sounding racing rules we told you about in a another post, there were some very serious safety rules in place at the track. Off-track excursions or spins were subject to penalties and that's where the 24 Hours of LeMons style fun ...
Only $500 for 24 Hours of Fun Racing I wrote about the 24 Hours of LeMons (yea, I spelled that right) in another blog about the "Strict Racing Rules". I expected some easy going people out to have a great time. I found'm! It took the "Eyesore Racing" shown above 6 months of weekends to put their 94 Mazda Miata together. The car, built for $500 or less by the rules, was made from 2 Miatas practically welded together in the middle. One car had front end ...
Fresh LeMons with ahhh... Strict Rules - For FUN! Call them "lemons" or piles of crap or simply junk. Still, can you argue these guys are having fun racing them!? I first heard about the Concours d'LeMons and took note because it was part of the super prestigious and maybe super "snobby" Monterey Concours Week including the world famous Concours d'Elegance. Dating back to 1950, we can't hate on the big-daddy of Concours Week in Pebble Beach because they now include ...