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The Under-loved and Under-appreicated AMC AMX Classic American Sports Car - AMC AMX I was looking through my buddy Mike Gulett's website called when I found this beauty of an AMC. It immediately reminded me of this concept drawing: While not the same car, both show that the AMC make needs a little love! The drawing is hot rod art straight from the  mind of my buddy Brian over at He called it, "Let them eat cheese" Mike's ...
SEMA 2011 Kickoff - So Many Custom Cars Best of Custom Cars SEMA 2011 1969 AMC AMX - Project AMXess - OWNER - Jimi Day - Grafton, WI - BUILDER - D&Z Customs - Kewaskum, WI SEMA always brings in the best. From the smallest, trick little nut or bolt you didn't even know you needed to these, full-tilt, no expense spared custom hot rods and pro-touring rockets... SEMA's the place to be for anything automotive. Chances are, if you're reading, ...
Problem Child's Latest - Let Them Eat Cheese Hot Rod Art - Custom AMC Hornet Art from Let them eat cheese... ...or at least the dust left behind this monster. When the AMC Hornets were new, the ads read with slogans like "If you think it looks good, wait'll you feel it perform!", "It's not our strong guarantee that makes our Hornet a tough little car", and "It's beautiful when you fill it up"... Taking those sales pitches waaaaayyyy ...