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12 Super Hot SEMA Booth Babes A Necessary Part of the SEMA Show: Booth Babes   Should I bother to write anything? Just enjoy the pictures. Click on any image to see them in their full beauty!   These lovely ladies, at first glance were buck nekkid! In Vegas? Yea, maybe!! But no, they weren't completely, but that didn't stop an enthusiastic crowd of folks stopping by for a pic and a closer look. (it was worth it, don'tcha think??) ...
SEMA 2012 - Cool Rides #5 - Exotic, Hot and Suede Ferrari, Lamborghini & Porsche Flat and Sexy (Click to see any picture full size) Click for everything @ 2012 SEMA Show from MyRideisMe There's a few booths at the SEMA Show you should never miss. One of them's Giovanna's. Much like last year, their booth is a vast expanse of white carpet frequented by fans of the brand, I'm sure, but primarily by folks looking to get close to the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche ...