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Supercars: When Too Much Is Almost Enough Exotic Car Exhibit At The Petersen Museum Every time I step into the Petersen Automotive Museum I learn something new and enjoy being amazed by works of art known as automobiles. The newest exhibit at the Petersen, Supercars, is no exception. If any automobile could be called art, the Supercar would be a top contender. What is a "Supercar?" I think the Petersen's curator, Leslie Kendall, explains it well: Like ...
Bugatti Veyron Top Speed Video With Youtube, you can spend all day watching car videos. (I'd never do that!) I found a few about the most amazing production car ever made. The Bugatti Veyron. 250+ mph with air and a stereo. Wow. 16.4 liters, 4 turbos and 10 radiators to keep it all cool. So check out this video from Top Gear. They're at the VW test trace on a 5 mile long straight running the Veyron up to it's top speed. Then, just for fun, ...