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12 Steps to Cam Replacement and Break-in Camshaft Assembly Lube & Break in Lube Part of my 1963 Ford Falcon engine build is researching how to build and break-in the engine... the right way. To get great advice, I asked the experts at Edelbrock. They've been building engines and hot rod parts forever... not to mention they've been very cool helping me with my engine build and with Hope these tips are helpful! Tech with Edelbrock: ...
Cam Design Guide for Weber Carbs If you've visited before, you know I have a 27 Ford Roadster with a fairly hot 2.3L Ford four cylinder that's better known as a "Pinto Motor". I've got a not-so-cool problem with the Weber 44 IDF induction setup right now though... When I get into the throttle, not that I'd ever do that, I get a misting of fuel over the top of the carbs. OK, it's less of a mist than a toxic ozone killing cloud of gas ...
COMP Cams Adds "Lift" to 2009 Engine Challenge COMP Cams®, RHS® & FASTTM Add $12,000 In Contingency To The 2009 Engine Masters Challenge EFI technology innovator FASTTM sees first visit to annual challenge while the cylinder head-valve train duo look to repeat success for the COMP Performance GroupTM After a successful year in 2008, the COMP Performance GroupTM will once again add excitement to the JEGS Engine Masters Challenge presented by Popular Hot ...