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Hot Rod Indie Film Made by Faith I caught up with Faith Granger the lady behind the Hot Rod movie, "Deuce of Spades". Not long ago, I told you more about her in this Blog, but I left out some critical details to the readers at She owns a really cool vintage styled 32 hot rod herself and it's the star of Deuce of Spades and more importantly... Damn! She's good-lookin too! Faith wrapped-up the shooting of the painstakingly accurate 40 ...
Deuce of Spades - The Hot Rod Movie How long has it been since you were excited about a car movie? Looking back there were a few good car movies, (Who remembers Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry) especially my all time favorite "American Graffiti". Has there been or will there ever be a car movie with such massive appeal and with an equally massive following? Released in 1973, American Graffiti still spawns clone cars and I saw "John Milner" (Paul Le Mat) at ...