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SEMA 2012 - Coolest #6 - Best Wheels Custom One Off Wheels at SEMA 2012 (Click to see any picture full size) Click for everything @ 2012 SEMA Show from MyRideisMe Let the debate begin! To me, this was the hottest wheel I saw and if there's one thing more common then wheels at the SEMA Show, I don't know what it is! So why is this my pick of SEMA? They're one of a kind, one off wheels - nobody else at the SEMA Show has these wheels (or ever ...
SEMA 2010's Ugliest Rim - Custom Wheels Rolling Craps Custom Car Wheel Review at SEMA Show 2010 In my search with pikesan for the biggest custom rims at SEMA 2010, I was struck with horror by the ugliness of some of these wheels. Did something go wrong in the design department? How did so much money go into making such an awful rim?! In Las Vegas terms, these wheels rolled crap dice! Splatter paint? That fad was SO third grade. If it were only one color it ...
How Big Are Yours? Custom Wheels at SEMA 2010 Searching for the Biggest Custom Rims At SEMA Show 2010 Over the past few years the size of rims and wheels has been getting out of hand. Previously, Craig (known here as "pikesan") and I generally try to avoid the ginormous wheel and tire section of SEMA – this year we dove right in and went scouting for SEMA 2010’s biggest wheel. Here’s what we found… Just as we started on our search we ran into this ...