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Best of SEMA 2013 #6 - Diesel COE from Welderup 1954 COE with 450HP Cummins at 2013 SEMA Show   This is the 6th installment of Best of SEMA Show 2013... Why not something totally unexpected?     First of all, what the heck is this? Well, if you're not familiar with Welderup, then this custom 1954 GMC COE (stands for cab over engine) might come as a bit of a shock. Then again, if this is shocking to you... you probably haven't ever been ...
Diesel Rat Rod: Smoky, Spin'n Burnout Video Diesel Hot Rod featured this bad Cummins powered hot rod before: Diesel Rat Rod: Blowin’ Smoke Photo by Swanee Now check out this crazy video of the "Welderup" turbo diesel rat rod doin' it's thing... [youtube width="575" height="465"][/youtube]
2009 SEMA Trend-Mega Torque Diesel Hot Rods Cruising what I call the main hall of the SEMA show, it's fantastic to see the great rides that make SEMA, the parts show, become SEMA the car show. Featuring the best built cars and timeless classics, it's a mix of some of the best rides in the country. I stayed close to "Hot Rod Alley" to find the booths of manufacturers I used and wanted to check out. Seeing the Mustangs and Camaros that are no doubt classic SEMA ...
Pushing the Hot Rod Envelope Hot Rod Semi - More than a Rat Rod Imagine yourself at a traditional hot rod show like Billetproof, enjoying Antioch California’s cool morning breeze when you smell diesel fumes. Billetproof isn’t the kind of show where you can trailer your baby in, so something’s not right. Then you hear the whine of a giant turbo just as this beast rounds the corner: Behold the 1950 Peterbilt owned by Michael Leeds. The name ...