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1956 Ford F100 - Dual Hemi's Just in Case He Needs to Pass! 2014 Detroit Autorama - Hot Rod's at Their Best #5     I found out some about the auxiliary power plant from the owner: "By the way, the motor in the back is "functional". We have LED lights for brake and turn signals in the water ports of the heads, the gas filler is in the bellhousing for the rear mounted stainless tank and the oil pan is hiding the cut out in the floor for the pumpkin to come ...
1963 F-100 Twin Turbo Video My Ride is Me had a busy weekend! NO! I didn't hang out with my mom! I went to my friend Steve Szymanski's shop called Industrial Chassis Inc. and got this ultra cool video of what has been transformed from a really nice truck to a full-on Big block Chevy - twin turbo -1000HP badass! I'm doing a full story on this car soon, but for now, here's the video: Here's a sneak peak under the hood too! That's a 427! Fuel ...