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Gumball Rally 3000 Stops in Toronto Pictures and words by: Doug Nykanen Gumball Rally Toronto-Niagara Falls May 6-7 2010 The Gumball Rally started as a movie from 1976. It had a hodgepodge of characters racing across America in a variety of exotic cars. Fast forward to 1999 when Maximillion Cooper founded the Gumball3000. A Rally that ran 3000 miles across a variety of countries on a different route each year. Yea, across countries! Here's the type of ...
Creative Workshop Sport Speciale - No Sale! Submitted by Jason Wenig from The Creative Workshop, a restoration and full service coach builder out in Florida. An interesting turn of events transpired this past weekend. As you are probably aware, last week was the "big auction week" out in Scottsdale, AZ (culminating on Saturday night), where all of the major car auction companies display and sell a dizzying array of vehicles. On top of the grandeur of these ...
Breakfast with Mr. Ferrari, Lamborghini & Rob Myers It's no wonder RM Auction is celebrating their 10th year in Arizona with "Automobiles of Arizona" at the Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona. Accepting my invitation to their Media breakfast I arrived slightly more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed then the next writer and photographer because this was my first time to look behind the scenes. Tucked in a small ballroom with other friends from the Phoenix Automotive Press Association ...