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Falcon Wagon Paint - This Time with Flat Clear Flat Paint Job for my Ford Falcon Wagon Finally. I don't think I could have taken a longer path to get there, but at least it's done. My Falcon's wearing new paint and the flat sheen or "hot rod flat" I was going for came out great. Special thanks to T.C. at FinishMaster in Mesa, AZ for help with the paint and advice to make this happen. I also took advantage of advice from Kevin Tetz from "Trucks" TV show. Kevin ...
11 Tips for Flat Paint Jobs with Flat Clear Flat Clear Coat Spray Paint from Kevin Tetz of "Trucks"   1963 Ford Falcon Wagon with a Flat Clear Coat Spray Paint Job. Every story I've written about this build can be found here: 1963 Ford Falcon Wagon Build   It's painted! In case you're just tuning in, I've been trying to put my 1963 Ford Falcon wagon back together for oh... 3 yeas now. It was supposed to be a quick-turn project that resulted ...