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60s Attitude 63 Ford Fairlane Custom 1963 Ford Fairlane 60s Custom Author and Photographer: Mike Harrington Less IS More We Americans seem to have this “bigger is better” mindset. After all if a little is good then a lot is better right? We can biggie size our French fries, biggie size our body parts with pecker pills or bags of silicone. Big, big and bigger! We are obsessed with size. Don’t take me wrong, if someone wanted to put a 572 cubic inch ...
Speed Week 2010's 200mph 1964 Fairlane Bonneville Salt Flats Race Car Sometimes it's easy to pick a feature car. The reasons why I dig the 1964 Ford Fairlane were spelled out in the feature I did about the Ring Brothers 64 Fairlane. Beyond the family tie and the legend of the Thunderbolt, this Fairlane just looks BAD! I searched for this car at Speed Week last year, but never did find it. I wanted to get a t-shirt for pops too... For Speed Week ...
2009 SEMA Show Stopper- Ring Brothers' 64 Fairlane The best 1964 Ford Fairlane? 1964 Fairlanes will always be one of my favorites. At one time, Pops owned a Blue one, Mom's was white and mine was my high school driver called, "The Highway Bitch". Red, white and blue, we loved our 64's. Pops still has his and is done up Pro-street with a small block Ford and big-fatties in the back.  The C6 went south so it's been sitting for a while, but here's a pic so you know what a ...