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Formula Drift - Right to go Left in Long Beach I don't expect anyone to look at only. I don't! There's too many GREAT websites out there covering all the motorsports, import and tuner shows we're missing here. One of those is Antonio and his crew at Motor Mavens cover the Formula Drift series to the max. The picture above shows that Formula D's not limited to 370Z's and RX-8's either. New generation Camaro's and Challengers are on ...
Screamin' Demon: BMI Racing's Epic 4 Rotor Wankel Video Yes, I did say Epic.  Trust me, just listen to this video from BMI Racing! We wanted to show you BMI Racing, a Racing Team/Company who moved to the USA from Australia to pursue their racing dreams.  Their plan is to build 2 Mazda RX-8 sport coupes each with a naturally aspirated 4 rotor engine (stock they come with 2 rotor engines and make 240hp), 1 car to compete in drifting and a 2nd car to race in Time Attack ...
Drifting Photos from Drift Day 26 in Wisconsin Drift Day 26 Story and Photos by Daniel Lo over at Corner Speed Photo Thanks Dan! This past Sunday marked my first time shooting 4 wheels for me. My first love is the 2 wheeled variety over at Corner Speed Photo. Thanks to some professional guidance, I think it worked out! Held at USA International Raceway in Shawano, WI, "Drift Day 26" featured big names from the Midwest drift scene with the likes of Simba Nyemba ...