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45 Pictures of Poteet's One of a Kinda 1969 Ford Torino Talladega Built to be Driven one off NASCAR Inspired Torino Talladega   George Poteet's Rad Rides Built Talladega At any show there might be a ride you call out as your favorite with your buddies. Something, "not to miss!" I hear that... it's fun to pick a favorite, right? But then... every once in a while, there's a jaw dropping ride that grabs your attention and holds it for not just that afternoon, but for months. ...
Concept Creation: Drawing Poteet's Talladega How do you draw the perfect car?   All artwork by Brian Stupski at   How does he do it? An amazing car modified in ways to be described below, but then, in this drawing, it FLIES off the page. Love it!   As a bonus to the 45 Pictures of Poteet's Radical Torino Talladega I shared, here's the drawing that inspired the car. Brian works closely with Rad Rides by Troy ...