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More Pictures: 2010 Ink-N-Iron Festival 2010 Ink & Iron Show from Long Beach California Only a couple of hours remain at the 2010 Ink & Iron show, a show that proved as grand as the Queen Mary itself. Bands can still be heard cranking out tunes as the last rays of sunlight glisten off from metal flake and chrome. We launched Ink-N-Iron with this: First Look: 2010 Ink-N-Iron Festival The beautiful sound of tattoo guns still at work resonant ...
First Look: 2010 Ink-N-Iron Festival All Photos by Mitzi and co (Thanks Mitzi! Resume festivities!!) Pinup Monica Renee with Voodoo Larry’s killer 46 Ford 2010 Ink & Iron Show from Long Beach California Being from Wisconsin when I get a chance to hit the West Coast for a show, it had better be a good one. Lately the show buzz has been all about the Ink & Iron show held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA so I figured I’d give it a shot. ...
Droppin' Anchor at Ink and Iron with Bo Huff This past weekend I was able to make it to Ink N Iron 6 - a tattoo festival + car show + rockabilly music event held on the amazing Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, California. Am I glad I dropped anchor! Not only did I hear some great bands and see some awesome cars - but I got to meet up with car customizer Bo Huff and best of show winner Voodoo Larry! Let me fill you in on the show…this was year #6 for Ink & ...