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Artist Toolbox - Art from James Owens James Owens - Featured Hot Rod Artist Everybody could use a little more creativity to fuel their lives – so we’re kicking off a new feature here at MyRideisMe! In our Artist Toolbox series, we’ll introduce you to a new hot rod inspired artist and bring you a tutorial from the artist themselves. So not only will you get the opportunity to learn about some fantastic, creative geniuses – but you might learn a thing ...
The Dame Wore Red - 1933 Ford Painted by James Owens Learn How To Paint Like Hot Rod Artist James Owens The Dame Wore Red is the first in MyRideisMe's new feature, Artist Toolbox. Read on for tips and secrets how James Owens makes his car noir art. _______________________________________________________________ The Dame Wore Red By James OwensShe sat there mocking me. Her blank stare made me feel like it was my first time. But I’ve been down this alley before and I ...