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Rat Rod Motorhome? I seriously hope this is the newest trend!   Saw this picture on Facebook and fell out of my chair. Had to share it. Cause I care. To be fair. Stop there.   Searched around and found some more pictures and the source of the article. It's on a website called "The Amazo Effect". Here' s a link to the story called:¬†Saab 92H & 92HK - The Caravans Of Love   I'm a wagon fan, and a fan of ...
Odd Rob's Custom Van - From Mail Truck to Custom Odd Custom Van Story and pictures by Mr. Freeze: Rob Zollar I swiped this little jewel from the big bad Ebay monster. A local guy had it up for sale and I talked him into selling it to me directly, (sorry if the guy in NY reads this) . For those who know my taste in vehicles this recent acquisition should come as no surprise , it's ugly, weird , strange , unique and you don't have one! It's right up my alley! Funny ...