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Hot Rod Inspiration -Where Do You Get Yours? Custom Car Building Inspiration at Petersen Automotive Museum Recently I found myself at the Petersen Automotive Museum to check out their newest exhibit, Supercars. Every time I'm there, I leave wanting to go home to my garage and become a mad car-scientist! There are so many things there to provide inspiration, you can't help it! From cars with interesting histories, like this 1974 Dale. A 3-wheeled car said ...
Supercars: When Too Much Is Almost Enough Exotic Car Exhibit At The Petersen Museum Every time I step into the Petersen Automotive Museum I learn something new and enjoy being amazed by works of art known as automobiles. The newest exhibit at the Petersen, Supercars, is no exception. If any automobile could be called art, the Supercar would be a top contender. What is a "Supercar?" I think the Petersen's curator, Leslie Kendall, explains it well: Like ...