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1959 "Custom Restoration" Cadillac Custom 1959 Cadillac Photos by Paul "Swanee" Swanson I think I just coined a new term for cars: Custom Restoration.  Why? I guess we could just say "custom" because this 59's been customized front to back. On the other hand, the builder's shop, Xtreme Restorations out of Rhode Island, suggests his specialty is "restoration".  So somewhere between full custom, resto-mod and restoration, I introduce to you: Custom ...
67 Camaro 'Sweet 'n' Low' and Covered in Candy Steve McDonough's  ''67 Camaro Pics by Chuck Vranas Words by Keith Harman Steve McDonough, an electrician from Pembroke, Massachusetts, had the right idea when he contacted his local hot rod shop, Competition Specialties ( in Walpole, near Boston, about carrying out some work on his Chevy Camaro. Originally, Steve approached C.S. owner Peter Newell, about simply laying some ...
The Scoop on Squeeg's Kustom Welcome to Squeeg's Kustom out of Mesa, Arizona. The shop that started doing custom paint back in 1964 now has about 18 (or more!) giant projects going on right now. I met with Doug Jerger down at the shop so I could see what they're up to and follow up on the pictures I took of their new roadster. Doug gave me the grand tour and introduced me to his crew. I hope you aren't misconceived by the American Hot Rod ...