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Woodward Ave's Legend, Jimmy Addison Written By: Bill Stinson, published with permission. Bill wrote this story in May of 2006, but it wasn't until 2007 when I first saw the Silver 1967 (not 68) Plymouth GTX known as the Silver Bullet. The undisputed "King of Woodward Ave" drew a crowd for days at the legengary Woodward Avenue cruise and stirred up quite a controversy when there were two of them! (that's another story about the Silver Bullet) Please ...
16 Years old on Woodward Ave Circa 1968 This story is written by Paul Schram. I met Paul after he left a comment at one of my first (and most read) blogs at The Real "Silver Bullet" - 2007 Woodward Cruise. The comment said: "True, not true, fact, fiction, legend, Only Jimmy and maybe I know. I have heard many stories..." Being a curious (and somewhat desperate) blog writer, I contacted Paul. After all, talk is cheap. Needless to say, ...