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2010 Goodguys Scottsdale Pictures - Golden Morning Sky Best Pictures from 2010 Goodguys Southwest Nationals My new desktop picture! As I get older, the list of reasons for getting up EARLY in the morning oddly keeps getting longer... it used to be simply fishing. Next as Pops started to take me racing, I added, "going to a drag race" and then as I got more interested in cars, I added, "going to a swap meet." Now I've added, "taking pictures with morning sunshine." ...
2009 Goodguys Southwest Nationals Picture Wrap-up If you can't wait until summer time Goodguys Gazette, scratch that now-time itch and check out's pictures from the 2009 Goodguys Southwest Nationals! Did we shoot your car? Have you've ever worked at something and thought you were making progress improving your skill, then found out you were still way behind? That's happening to me with my photography. I didn't shoot alot of pictures at Goodguys, but ...
Twin Huffers on a sick Model T Ron Ginn from Albuquerque, New Mexico ain't playin' when it comes to building ridiculous horsepower Model T's. I asked Ron, "Why two blowers?" and he kindly expanded on the theorem: "Injection is nice... but blown once is twice as nice!" I take that to mean, why the hell not? Like so many folks at the 2008 Goodguys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ, you're gawking at 572 cubic inches of Chevy power in this ...