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Hood Rats Swap Meet in the Dust Bowl of SF Words and Pictures by Nick K. When you think of a "swap meet" your mind all of sudden makes you think "flea market" which in turn will redirect your mind to used tube socks and old 80's VHS tapes. But, if you are a gear head or for that matter a hot rod enthusiast or just an owner of one, a swap meet is like rodders Christmas for a day. Swap meets are a virtual hodgepodge of old car parts not readily found at ...
Spring Carlisle Swap Meet Aaah, spring in the Northeast. Time to take the covers off the hibernating beast in the garage and do some car stuff. The beginning of the season up in the Northeast has been marked for the last 31 years by a five day event simply known as Spring Carlisle. The event is held each year in April at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA. During this event, the 81 acre facility is just stuffed full of cars, parts, supplies, ...