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Welding With DW: Over My Figurative Shoulder Part 1: Introduction The idea to shoot some informative welding videos has been brewing for a long time, and when Pikesan asked if I'd be interested in doing something with, that was the final straw!  Although it's taken almost a pair of years to finally have something to show, I think you'll enjoy and hopefully benefit from the series. After I started the Welder Series parts assembly videos on YouTube, ...
Dear Welder Series... four link, sway bar, tig welder Fabrication, Welding and how-to's for your home built hot rod from Dear Welder Series... I have a 1956 Chev truck and want to put a 4 link in the back .was thinking of a triangulated one. would that work? the frame is 34 inches wide.or should i use a parallel 4 bar and a panhard bar and which kit # do you recommend ? thank you Dave Dave, this is a good question... There are several considerations when ...