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Waves at Pebble Beach Concours - Hot Rod Art Hot Rod Art by Tom Fritz at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance (Click picture for full size) "What D'Ya Reckon She'll Do?" - Oil on canvas, 41" x 27" Catch Hot Rod Artist and overall cool-guy at the upcoming Pebble Beach car show. Tom Fritz art has been featured several times here at for a simple reason: Tom's paintings inspire! Tom captures the coolest hot rods and vintage motorcycles in vivid colors, ...
Mellow Artist Paints Nostalgia and Speed Car Art and Hot Rod Art Become Fine Art Have you ever met Tom Fritz? Chances are, you'd remember if you had. You probably noticed the dark display at one of your favorite car shows, then you were drawn in by the vivid paintings filling almost every bit of dark.  I last ran into the flip-flop wearing, ultra soft-spoken Fritz at Barrett Jackson 2010. I don't know crap about art, especially fine art except for what I ...
Over My Shoulder... Making Hot Rod Art Please enjoy your brief, but meaningful and entertaining, look "over the shoulder" of painter Tom Fritz as he makes what I think is my favorite piece of Hot Rod Art to date (and he's got alot to like!). Over My Shoulder... Making Hot Rod Art Written By Tom Fritz (Car and Motorcycle fine art) One of the side benefits of working at my art is that I’ve been blessed with the development of an extended family of very ...