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Truck Accidents: Causing Terror On The Roads The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported a staggering figure of 368,000 truck accidents across the country in the year 2006. These resulted in 106,000 injuries and 4,995 casualties. Fast forward to 2013-2014. A police officer killed by a truck driver who was busy looking at photos on Facebook while maneuvering his truck. Police investigation has revealed that the trucker had intentionally kept his ...
Understanding The Risks And Regulations Of U.S. Truck Driving If you have purchased it from your local big box store or even small business merchant, chances are that product or good was delivered to you by a transport truck. While in North America we receive cargo shipments of goods from overseas, from the moment those containers land they are assigned and distributed by a fleet of logistics companies to ship them to your local merchants, organizations and even healthcare agencies ...
Truck Accidents: What to Do When It Happens to You If you are a trucker you already know that you have one of the hardest jobs on the planet. The average trucker can work more than 4,400 hours per year and average around $38,000 in income putting the rate of pay below ten dollars per hour for more than 50% of the transport drivers on the road. No one deliberately chooses to be a truck driver but rather they enter the industry with the potential to earn more money with ...

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