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1963 F-100 Twin Turbo Video My Ride is Me had a busy weekend! NO! I didn't hang out with my mom! I went to my friend Steve Szymanski's shop called Industrial Chassis Inc. and got this ultra cool video of what has been transformed from a really nice truck to a full-on Big block Chevy - twin turbo -1000HP badass! I'm doing a full story on this car soon, but for now, here's the video: Here's a sneak peak under the hood too! That's a 427! Fuel ...
The Drag’n Wagon - Custom Van at Goodguys Custom Van with a Blown 428 Pontiac So you’ve owned it since you were 16?Yes.And that was when?1973.So then, what’s the next obvious question…Why’d a 16 year old kid buy a van?I’m a drummer! Mark Greenwell of Phoenix, AZ drove this 1966 Chevy Van to the 2007 Scottsdale Goodguys show and immediately caught my eye.The sun setting on those retro-perfect murals blew me away.I knew right away this van had a ...