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Rainy Billetproof in Washington - The Show Goes on Hot Rods and Custom Cars Search for Cover Well you know how Washington weather is, and this June we'd like to forget. Almost every weekend event it's rained. I Had my doubts about going to Billetproof in Washington, but what the hell , I'm going! A lot of die hard car people drove down friday night, I waited till Saturday morning and headed down. Hour and half later threw a terrible down pour I was there. Once ...
Good Times Pile Up at Northwest Nats Car Show Pictures: 2010 Goodguys Puyallup Northwest Nationals Our friend Jason Rushforth (Rushforth Wheels) had attended the 23rd Goodguys Northwest Nationals in Puyallup, Washington with his '64 Buick (featuring a brand-new LS2 engine swap!), and he sent along some photos that he and Adam Ramseth had taken over the weekend. As Jason tells us: In addition to getting the Rushforth Wheels company car to the show at the ...