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具体的にそのスペックを読み解いてみよう 『エドックス』が新作ダイバーズウォッチを手掛けるにあたりイメージソースとしたのが、1960~70年代にヨーロッパ北部はノルウェーに面する北海(NORTH ...
SIGNIFICANT TIPS FOR PERFECT SERVICE OF YOUR CAR Lucky are the rich guys that own brand new cars and enjoy long drives with their spouses and other near and dear ones. Few persons have to be content with their old cars that often need to be serviced by the reliable car servicing Uxbridge or other service centres. They should be careful enough during the servicing of their cars. car servicing Tips for servicing of your ...
New Horns   From my Shop Manual      I had installed a new wire harness three years ago and got nearly every thing working except the horns.    There could be a few reasons; the most obvious was the wire from the horn button to the relay.   I have standard (manual) steering with a Ross steering box. (which leaks, by the way).  The horn wire travels inside along ...

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