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I've Got The Best Boy's In The World, And They Deserve This!

August 19, 2016

  Hello, My name is Annie Maiden And I Am Terminal with two teenage boys, who lost their Dad this past July 3rd to a very long fight with Marphans Syndrome. Now they too are in the midst of their fight to live also. i on the otherhand was just a dumb___, and chose to smoke my whole life. i may have a year left.                                                                                                                                                                                                              My oldest son Cody Clelland is 19 and pretty much has taken care of his father, and his little brother.His little brother Cameron Clelland has already had two open heart surgerys and will need a heart transplant like his Dad did to make it past the age of thirty. Cody already has a pig valve and faces the same delima. Their Dad passed away on July 3rd driving home from Boise, Idaho when his heart pump failed him and after pulling off the road to try to change it out, he couldn't do it in time. He was only 52. He would have been 53 this coming Aug 26.

    I have been told I only have about a year or less left and all I have to leave my boys is a 2004 4.6 GT Convertable Mustang ( Anniversary Model ) I bought for cash four years ago when my second husband, Chris Maiden, shortly before he passed away after a long ten year battle with Cancer. The youngest son really wants this car bad. Either way he will get it. Now the older boy (Cody) has his permit and is learning in the Mustang. His dad left him a ford ranger, not sure where of its condition though. I know it was running and is in good shape. I would just like to give these two boys a great day, and a bad-ass ride they will enjoy everyday!  I hope your team will be interested.   with all due respect, Annie Maiden      



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