Looking for photographers to share their work


Are you already shooting pictures at the car shows and races you attend? Do you mind sharing them? If you drop them into Photobucket, Flickr or any other online photo sharing site, who's to say they'll be seen by other passionate auto enthusiasts?


Why not share them with other gearheads here at MyRideisMe.com!?


As with the blog posts, the key to growing MyRideisMe will be constantly adding entertaining, unique content, including photos from races, car shows and cruise-ins all around the country. Professional photographers, of course, are welcome, but everyone is welcome to contact us. We're certainly not professionals here, but we're posting pics as often as we can. (on the other hand, we do want photographers interested in taking GREAT pictures!)



Best of all worlds? Take pics and write a short blog about the event!

Thank you!


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