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Do you know how many parts are in a Falcon Tailgate? [December 5, 2013] views: 5112 Answer: Alot. Do you know how many aren't available new? You guessed it: Alot. So, every time I think I have this thing DONE... I'm not.


I'm almost there! Window goes up and ...

Ford 4-Lug Disc Brake Kit from Wilwood [July 16, 2013] views: 5623 Christmas came in JULY today when I got my order from Wilwood. I met a few Wilwood guys here and there at SEMA and at SEMA's MPMC event in SoCal. When I found out they started offering a 4-lug ...
1963 Ford Falcon Shelby Drop Done [July 1, 2013] views: 6590 I've been meaning to do this for a long time. Now that it's late June/July and 115+ in Arizona, I finally got around to it. Wish I could go for a test drive to see how it feels, but going by ...
Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Kit [June 10, 2013] views: 5831 So of course I have to polish the ones you can see! (almost all of them except the ones for the oil pan...)

Should look cool against a gloss black engine.

How Cool is this? Wagon Tailgate Emblem [June 10, 2013] views: 6095 I'll do a how-to on this, but had to post this picture. This is the tailgate emblem for my Falcon Wagon. I had given some thought to welding the holes for this piece, then thought, no... all the ...
WHY!? AT Pan Gasket Pain [May 28, 2013] views: 5990 Can't believe what a pain this has been. Got everything put back together and the pan gasket is still leaking. Thought I did everything right putting it back together, even used a torque wrench to ...