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How Cool is this? Wagon Tailgate Emblem

June 10, 2013
How Cool is this? Wagon Tailgate Emblem

I'll do a how-to on this, but had to post this picture. This is the tailgate emblem for my Falcon Wagon. I had given some thought to welding the holes for this piece, then thought, no... all the chrome is cool, and I'm keeping the back-up lights. 

The problem is that this plastic piece was WHOOPED!! Cracked, faded, you name it, it was terrible and wouldn't be allowed on my tailgate next to the killer power-drop-glass trim I had re-done and re-chromed.

I think this'll work tho! Special thanks to my buddy Joel for helping with this. The falcon you see painted in white on the silver part was done, BY HAND! I showed him a falcon picture and he took over. 

Now to get those pieces chromed by Advanced Plating in TN!


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June 10, 2013 12:49
Just realized, you can't see the hand painted falcon... watch for the how-to story in the site blog.