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1963 Ford Falcon Shelby Drop Done

July 1, 2013
1963 Ford Falcon Shelby Drop Done

I've been meaning to do this for a long time. Now that it's late June/July and 115+ in Arizona, I finally got around to it. Wish I could go for a test drive to see how it feels, but going by everything I've read online, this is the way to go for better handling in a Falcon or a Mustang.

It's simple... drop the upper control arm mount. It's down 1" and back (towards rear of car) 1/8". My new friend Bob at work made a simple template and I drilled. It helped the fenders were off, but I think you could still do it. 

So this picture is not the boogyman... it's the old and new holes I drilled for the drop. Kristin, you're next!


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