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I made it and I am ready to get back to hot rodding

March 3, 2015
I made it and I am ready to get back to hot rodding

Well I did it! I endured 51 weeks of chemo. They say the cancer in my lungs and throat are at the cellular level and I am in remission for now. They say it will come back and we are hoping we can beat it back again but for now they are giving my body a rest and allowing it to heal for the next round. As I was going through treatment I had a lot of time to reflect and as a result I have added two new things to my Bucket List. I am in the process of recreating my very first car. It was a 1959 Studebaker Silver Hawk. I have secured a rust free Hawk and the build is in process. I am going to start a build digest here so that you can follow the progress. Look for the "First Love Project" soon.

I am also going to be building a car to help my Grandson get into the 130 club at Bonneville. It will be a Mopar powered by a Mopar engine of course. It's Mopar or Nopar. As soon as a donor car is made available I will start a garage build on it too. These are my "therapy" projects to help me stay motivated to do all I can to stay healthy and take care of myself. My wife and family are behind them 100% and they are excited to see what happens in the days ahead. Look for rmore soon.



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April 24, 2015 11:56
You are in our prayers. God bless and Stand On It!