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Something goes on, something comes off.

June 10, 2013
Something goes on, something comes off.



New Door Moldings, taken from a Hawk Parts car.

   There aren't any car shows near us today, and my son has a Cub Scout meet in the park at 1:00 so we are going to stay close to home and finish up some projects I started this week.  I ordered a set of door and front quarter panel stainless moldings from John Myers a couple of weeks ago and it arrived in good order on Wednesday along with a replacement fuzz strip (cat whiskers) for the the ones I bent up trying to get the door windows in, which, by the way, are installed and working great.


  I also decided to paint the underside of the trunk lid and trunk interior with Hammerrite Rust Cap paint to seal it up from potential rust in the future.  Since that paint is toxic, I am working on small sections with both garage doors open and a fan going. I started Friday night and will be done with it this afternoon.  While it is drying, I buffed out my new moulding and installed them on the car.  I also used a little paraffin wax on the clips and underside of the stainless to protect the paint.


However, the front quarter panel molding tapers at the front and my clips are too large to slide in, so, I took a quick trip to WESCO to pick up something a little smaller that would fit.  Jon helped me find a molding bolt to fit.  We had a nice talk about my perceptions of the bad roads and weather in Seattle, but he countered all my negatives with something positive, and I left the store very happy, he's a genuine optimist. The bolts also worked great.


New Front Panel Moldings,

refinished, and very expensive.



The moldings are on, the paint is drying and the trunk lid is still on the floor.


This week I will:


  • reinstall the trunk and its' lock and latch, 
  • install the door handles and interior panels, 
  • and hopefully make some progress on affixing the fins.




Painted underside of trunk lid with Hammerite.



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