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Finishing the Falcon

May 7, 2013
Finishing the Falcon

I know some of you are wondering when my '60 Ford Falcon project will be done. After the mad rush to get it done for Mooneyes, it's mostly just sat...because it's a few years out of registration (long's still in my brothers name). So unless I come up with $700 or are able to get a DMV employee to have pity on's just hanging out in our shop waiting to take on the streets of Long Beach. 

The last thing I DO need to get done on the car is the top of the hood. It had some dings and it's been my first real peice of bodywork.  It's been sanded, did some metal work where possible, then bondo, and sanded some more. Here, my fellow Gasoline Girls are helping out.

I just need to put a bit more bondo for leveling on a few spots, then sand, sand, sand some more. After that...wish me luck at the DMV!


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May 7, 2013 02:19
YEA!! Welcome back GG!! I'm busy on my Falcon too... sorta... getting my roadster back on the road so I have something to drive, then gonna get work done on the wagon. Good luck with the DMV. Tell'm you're Grease Girl!