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Things I'd Like to See in 2015

January 23, 2015

More Tesla Dominations

Ok so we all saw that Tesla just smokes that Hellcat in that video that is circulating around the web but is it really such a beast? I honestly love the P85D, but that Hellcat just wasn’t driven properly. Still the P85D is a beast and a half and it’ll be great to see where things go with teslas on the strip in 2015. I think we are entering the era of the electric car in drag racing. I’m going to miss the rumble and sheer ferocity of the engines- but maybe it’s time to get a little science fiction friendly next year.

More Wraps

I know you’ve all had your head turned by some kind of car wrap. Maybe it was some sick graphic wrap or just one of those matte black wraps that make the car look like it’s in stealth mode. While I love paint and the glint of a polished finish- there are just so many cool things I’ve seen done with sweet custom vinyl wraps for cars and decals that I hope it become more acceptable as a way to deck out your car in 2015.

More Technology / Social Media Adoption

I have to say, I love the fact that I can watch two random amateurs race down that 1/4th mile and critique them on YouTube. I know we all want to watch the big professionals race in the bars but when I’m at home I want to see the next best thing or some crazy failure. Even if it is cell phone videos, I love watching them. Toss in the gopro cameras mounted on cars and you’ve got some awesome viewing material. I’ve learned more watching amateurs than I ever did watching the pros.

More Horsepower

Come on, did you expect anything different? We are always pushing numbers higher and higher and I want to see the average bumped up in 2015. When even something like a Sonic can get 140 without modification, I want to start seeing even light cars pushing 200 soon. Is that a dream? Probably. However, the more we can get the better we are going to look. If the base gets higher it’ll be easier to modify it and push boundaries. I am not saying I expect the next Altima to have 600+, but is 300 or 350 out of the question? I don’t think it is.


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