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Winfield & Watson Car Show

November 1, 2013
Winfield & Watson Car Show

We attended the 6th annual Winfield and Watson car show that was sponsored by the Rod Tossers Car Club. Legendary customizer, Gene Winfield has a shop located in the sticks just a few miles north of Rosamond, CA. That’s right, where the dry lakes of Muroc used to be, now used by the Air Force and named Edwards Air Force Base. This corner of the desert has its secrets of metal forming, customizing and paint.
In the middle of nowhere, you’ll find live music, vendors, hot rods, customs, pinstrippers, a junkyard and Gene Winfield himself. It was an open shop and come-as-you-are kind of event and we had the privilege to meet Gene himself for a few minutes as he was attending the shirt booth and the auctioneer.
If you ever wind up in Mojave, California, be sure to stop and check out Gene’s shop, you’ll see a lot of things and he’s one heck of a nice guy too!

pics here

video here


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