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why not a four door?

January 30, 2008

When it comes to the Ford falcon station wagon, the "two door is better" mantra that is seemingly very prevalent these days (and yesterday) does not apply in my opinion.  I actually looked for and wanted a four-door! 

I believe the lines are better on the four-door.  The incremental sizing of the side window openings from front to rear art example of this.


see how the side glass gets proportionately larger as you move toward the rear on the four-door?


The two-door wagon gives you the long-short-long look, as well as nonrelational proportions in the sizes.  It's also cool on the four-door, how the win-wing concept is repeated in reverse.  You will need to run a large diameter rim and tire combination however, so that the four-door wagon doesn't appear too long.  Start looking at other dimensional aspects and you'll notice that the four-door is simply more balanced. (IE, the space between the rear of the front door and the beginning of the rear wheel opening)

The longer roof on the four-door also makes the top appear lower, especially at the front windshield.  On the two door the roof almost appears to slope upward, toward the front windshield.  This is probably an optical illusion caused by the nonproportional window sizes, but worth noting.

Four doors are  also much more versatile and practical in the everyday world as well.  These cars make a great daily driver project.  Build one of these babies instead of buying the next Camry or Honda!  Hurry!  Because the four doors are still cheap! 





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