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After a long wait...

July 24, 2008

My buddy picked up the container from Oz last week.  I have been waiting for quite a while to get the overdrive transmission.  The transmission mount on the overdrive is 4 inches farther towards the rear of the car than the three speed, which I had mocked up. 

I couldn't finish my rear suspension until I had the driveline mounted, and I could get the pinion angle set, so ended up doing a lot of small piddly things that didn't show much progress.  I was also very curious about getting the container, as I had a set of headers coming as well.  I wanted to know how much I would have to cut up the car or the headers to get them to work.  They fit perfectly!  And my transmission mount that I had so laboriously created will still fit 4" back.  (even though I pulled a bonehead, and forgot to account for the 1 1/4" that the transmission mount will compress...got lucky on that one)  I just needed to make new attachment plates/boxes.  Still working on those...


here is the header, opposite the new intake manifold.  :-)


Here is the new overdrive trans, and cross member, and the start of the frame mounting plates/boxes.






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