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Got the motor back together and she really rips now :D

January 28, 2010

Well, after a month of down time I finally got my ported lower  Cobra intake back (thanks Tom Moss!).  This time I put the right intake gaskets on - the gaskets I used when assembling the motor were .25" too tall for the ports but I was in a hurry so I used them. 

I also upgraded to a 75mm MAF from the stock 50mm piece, and swapped out the stock 60mm throttle body for a 65mm Explorer unit.  Swapped out the 19lb injectors for 30lb injectors while I was at it.

After working through a few bugs - bad throttle position sensor and an injector connector that had popped off - I got to rip on it a little last night.  I was happy to see that it picked up a substantial amount of power.  It feels 25% stronger!

The 331 was breathing through a straw with the stock 50mm MAF and 60mm TB.  It feels great to have it back together and running to its potential finally!


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