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How To Have Sex With A Sex Doll Happily?

September 25, 2022

The cuteness of the sex doll's face, the softness of the breasts and buttocks surpasses that of a real woman. You can dress such a cute girl in your favorite clothes, and if you have a life-size love doll, you can enjoy sex in an acrobatic pose that you can't ask her to do. I've explained a lot about the joys of having sex with a real doll. Thick sex dolls have movable joints like humans, so you can have sex in different positions. Of course, since it is a sex doll, there is no groaning, twitching and other reactions. But you can have intense sex with the girl of your dreams with the help of other external things, so if you're imaginative, you can have fun.

Bezlya Doll

Have Sex with Cosdoll Sex Doll While Watching VR

While this is a slightly more difficult technique, there is also a way to have sex with a real doll while watching AV in VR. This method works well when you have sex with a love doll without a head or limbs, called the torso type. You can feel like you are having sex with your favorite AV actress in VR, and you can experience stroking the breasts and buttocks of the hybrid sex dolls realistically. However, you can't move too hard because you'll be having sex with the sex doll while wearing a VR headset. Thinking you have breasts, when you try to rub them and miss them, you can be in such a silly situation. It goes without saying that you're wearing a VR headset, you're naked, and you're holding a love doll that you can't show to anyone.

Enjoy Sex With Xycolo Sex Dolls Masturbating And Footjob

Having sex with a love doll isn't just about entering the pussy. Of course, if you have big breasts, you can have sex with your hands, feet, back of knees, armpits, etc., if you have a sex doll curvy with bendable joints. If you want to handjob, choose a love doll with bendable knuckles. If you value footjob, you shouldn't buy a standalone sex doll. This is because of the metal fittings of the braces on the soles of the feet, so you can't squeeze your dick on the soles of your feet. Also, if you bend your fingers too hard because they have knuckles, you may tear the skin. Be careful as the skin material may be weaker than the arms and legs. First, I want to check if the fingers have joints.

By now, I think you've figured out the joys of having sex with love dolls. Next, a small note. If you keep this in mind, you can enjoy sex with your sex doll for a long time.


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