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"The Pickle"     1950 Pontiac Chieftain

Introduction / Overview: It is a 1950 Pontiac Chieftain that I found in Tulsa, OK.  It was in decent shape.  The floors were rusted and repaired poorly and the exterior had green house paint brushed on.  It was for this reason that it was named, The Pickle.
Drivetrain: The inline 6 was shot.  A friend of mine built me a Chevy 350.  We found a Muncie-22 four speed floor shifter.  In the rear end we have a 10-bolt from a '62 Nova getting ready to go in.
Chassis: Stock Chassis.  Custom lowered springs in the front and some de-arched leafs in the rear
Wheels and Tires: stock for now.
Body & Paint: bare metal
Interioir: original...in bad shape
Lifestyles: Custom Rodder